Laundry day - action at Chateau de la Napoule

Jour de Lessive , 2001 Fondation La Napoule - Intervention et carte postale.

Poétique de l'inattendu

>>  Approach

 I am inspired by performance practices and the sensitive signs of the living world. I try to imagine new forms like a dialogue born from the encounter with new environments


I am interested in what changes like flows, in what moves like the body. I seek to fix the thresholds, to topograph the interstices, to reveal the tipping points. In this regard, I have, for 2 years, taken up the brushes and experimented with vivid inks. It is a study of light and its components, the colors.


I have a background in art at the Royal College of Art in London, the Studio du Fresnoy and more recently in web development. 

^ about 'the rising'/'le soulèvement'

Exposition / exhiition - la Réserve Paris 2022

The uprising is a movement that defies gravity, that force immanent to our world. The implication is a metaphor for a combative choice not to resign, never to give up (in french). 


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