hautes fréquences / high frequencies

Exhibition from 02/04 to 30/06 2022 at Espace Voltaire, Paris.  



"And Munerelle refers once again to quantum interpretation, which describes our world as a sum of paradoxical entities, both material and wave-like. Hence also the reference to the scientific concept of frequency: as established by the physicist Ernst Mach, our perception and the resulting sensations are in fact characterized by frequencies, and by the modulation of their values. The artist likes to quote Mach: "Frequency influences the perception of certain periodic waves, and determines, for example, the pitch of a sound or the color of a light. The same is true, for example, of a melody that strings together notes, or of a contrast effect produced by different colors in the same image. (...) Munerelle's most recent works are his Inks on Paper: graceful, delicate, vibrant scrolls in every color of the chromatic spectrum, which the artist draws on the floor, sometimes from right to left - again, counter-intuitively.  No highs or lows, then, in these Inks on Paper, but capillary effects between the dry and the fibrous, and a questioning of light: it's color that allows us to see light here - white light, for its part, can only be seen in its incompleteness, through diffraction, as when it encounters a prism here to display the vibrant spectrum of colors.But more than that, these unknown glyphs are involuntary imitations of multidimensional spaces, born of string theory, or Calabi-Yau spaces."

Poétique de l'inattendu, Dominique Baqué

June 2022