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Neighbour, 3'10.  ( Portraits Circus serie)

Portraits Circus

Video series and installation, London - 1999-2001 

Production : RCA 1999


 A series of video portraits captured in London where video surveillance is used massively. I capture intimate behaviors that are exposed to the public space, I film what the body allows to be read, I film the porous and diffusing surfaces that the clothing allows the body to show: the face and the gestures. In the editing, I repeat the gestures. The sequences thus become motifs that can be diffused in the projection environment: a public space.


144 hours

Fiction 16', HD, 2010 

Synopsis : Two women chase each other in a green park. A young jogger witnesses the scene.


Experimental film -  2009 - 6mn

The reflection of the Parisian urbanism on the canal Saint martin is edited to the rhythm of batucadas and the theme tune of the opera Norma by Bellini. 


Fiction - 2009, 19 minutes 30Production : le GREC

Synopsis: Tiresias is blind, he lives on top of a tower with a couple of snakes. He is in love with his neighbor, he follows her hoping to provoke a meeting.

"Les Eternels" is a fictional work conceived for an interactive installation where the spectator modifies the narrative. In the ghostly setting of a totally automated subway, the characters split into two, incarnate themselves in different bodies, or their footsteps tirelessly return to a place already trodden. Situations sometimes burlesque, sometimes grating where the film closes in a loop and becomes a paradigm of urban and contemporary existence.


A vous de vous faire préférer le train (32' - 2004)

This report on a group trip involving artists, family, friends and strangers is a celebration, a party in motion, with an arrival with fanfare and majorettes on the station platform for the ninety passengers.