( )  Films and videos

Portraits Circus

Video series and installation, London - 1999-2001 

Production : RCA 1999


 A series of video portraits captured in London where video surveillance is used massively. I capture intimate behaviors that are exposed to the public space, I film what the body allows to be read, I film the porous and diffusing surfaces that the clothing allows the body to show: the face and the gestures. In the editing, I repeat the gestures. The sequences thus become motifs that can be diffused in the projection environment: a public space.


My travels took me from Paris airport to Kuwait airport, from Delhi train station to Calcutta train station, from Calcutta to Darjeeling, from Darjeeling to Bangalore, from Bangalore to Bombay... From Mumbay to Kuwait, from Kuwait to Paris. The circle is complete.

144 hours

Documentary- 28' - 2016 

At the Cité des Sciences, Pierre-Michaël Micaletti will run for 6 days and 6 nights on a carpet. This static surface allows the runner to be equipped with sensors and to study his sleep. His goal is to exceed his own record of 820 kilometers +.

Fiction 16', HD, 2010 

Synopsis : Two women chase each other in a green park. A young jogger witnesses the scene.


Experimental film -  2009 - 6mn

The reflection of the Parisian urbanism on the canal Saint martin is edited to the rhythm of batucadas and the theme tune of the opera Norma by Bellini. 


Fiction - 2009, 19 minutes 30Production : le GREC

Synopsis: Tiresias is blind, he lives on top of a tower with a couple of snakes. He is in love with his neighbor, he follows her hoping to provoke a meeting.

"Les Eternels" is a fictional work conceived for an interactive installation where the spectator modifies the narrative. In the ghostly setting of a totally automated subway, the characters split into two, incarnate themselves in different bodies, or their footsteps tirelessly return to a place already trodden. Situations sometimes burlesque, sometimes grating where the film closes in a loop and becomes a paradigm of urban and contemporary existence.


A vous de vous faire préférer le train (32' - 2004)

This report on a group trip involving artists, family, friends and strangers is a celebration, a party in motion, with an arrival with fanfare and majorettes on the station platform for the ninety passengers.