le soulèvement / the uprising

Exhibition from 02/10 to 30/10 2021  at La Réserve Holiste (29 bvd Henry IV - Paris IV)



 The uprising is a movement that defies gravity, that force immanent to our world. The implication is a metaphor for a combative choice not to resign oneself, to never give up.

The immanent powers that balance each other to contain our world are revealed in this clash. This is the case with gravity, thanks to the helium of a balloon lifting the mini-jack plug of an audio headset, a seeking and desiring head of a container to plug in, but also with the light that reveals itself in the reflections of a pond or in the colored arcs drawing imaginary glyphs like elementary particles born from the diffraction of white light. 


These elements that inhabit our environment are inspired by the interpretation of the fundamental sciences that describe our world as a sum of paradoxical powers that are both undulatory and material. It is the landscape of a quantum world where our intuition is abandoned to the surprises of the infinitely small and the divinely great. 


To rise up is also to be inhabited by a powerful desire to live that is present in each of us, a need to be ecstatic about the delights that are offered to our senses, it is the childlike joy of living new experiences and of surprising the conditions of our presence in the world. 


But also...




  It is also a practice that leaves all its place to the body. The body that perceives and the body that expresses itself. It is carried by the spontaneity of the performance. This is perhaps the meaning of the action entitled "Jour de Lessive" (2001) where a washing line is stretched between the two towers of the château fortress of La Napoule to let trousers, Tshirt and bath towel dry (see above).





    Often the fragility of the living is in dialogue with the illusion of the permanent, as can be seen in this illusory chimney made of cement and butter bricks, where the birds come and eat the bricks, leaving us to see only the lace of the concrete joints (Chimney, 1999). 




    It is a game that draws its poetry and humour from ephemerality and misappropriation, as shown by this photograph of an egg yolk deposited on the glistening white of broken glass (Eastern Egg, 2018). 



Through simple gestures, thresholds are displaced, topographies and interstices are revealed.  By underlining the paradoxes of our condition in the world, tipping points emerge and are brought to our attention.



In this way, we can surprise the various conditions that precede the constitution of our environment and hack these complex assemblages that we call "reality".

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